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April 2007 Hawaii Events

Information about all types of Hawaii events held in April of 2007.

DATES: April 12-14, 2007
EVENT: 44th Annual Merrie Monarch Festival
VENUE: Edith Kanakaole Stadium
LOCATION: Hilo, East Hawaii Island, Hawaii
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Aloha Festivals Big Island Events in 2007 (Aug-Sep)
- Royal Court Investiture
- Hula Kahiko Performance at Volcano Arts Center
- Royal Court Visits
- 16th Kindy Sproat Falsetto and Hawaiian Storytelling Competition
- Poke Contest
- 5th E Hula Mai Kaua Hawaii Couples Hula competition
- 14th Ms. Aloha Nui Pageant for Plus Size Women
- 13th Great Waikoloa Hoolaulea Hawaii
- 24th Kapuna Hula Festival
- 32nd Waimea Paniolo Parade and Hoolaulea
- 14th KWXX Hilo Hoolaulea
- 8th Queen Liliuo9kalani Festival

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