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Hawaii Events in s2007

Information about all types of events held in Hawaii in 2007.

April 2007 Events in Hawaii

June 2007 Events in Hawaii

October 2007 Events in Hawaii

Multiple Month Events

Aloha Festivals Big Island Events in 2007 (Aug-Sep)
- Royal Court Investiture
- Hula Kahiko Performance at Volcano Arts Center
- Royal Court Visits
- 16th Kindy Sproat Falsetto and Hawaiian Storytelling Competition
- Poke Contest
- 5th E Hula Mai Kaua Hawaii Couples Hula competition
- 14th Ms. Aloha Nui Pageant for Plus Size Women
- 13th Great Waikoloa Hoolaulea Hawaii
- 24th Kapuna Hula Festival
- 32nd Waimea Paniolo Parade and Hoolaulea
- 14th KWXX Hilo Hoolaulea
- 8th Queen Liliuo9kalani Festival

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