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About the Luahiwa Petroglyphs on Lanai

An introduction with facts and general information about Luahiwa Petroglyphs on the island of Lanai in Hawaii.

ENTITY: Luahiwa Petroglyphs
LOCATION: Island of Lanai, Hawaii

The Luahiwa Petroglyphs are located in central or southern Lanai on the way to the Palawai basin. They cover a three acre area, and most of the petroglyphs are mostly on the south side of more then 30 rocks and boulders on a hill with a view of the Palawai Basin.

Directions from Lanai City: drive toward Manele Bay on Highway 400 and turn left at the first dirt road. Head for the large water tank, and look for the petroglyphs on the slopes of a hill, just past the water tank.


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FROM THE ARTICLE: "Located on a difficult-to-find, 3 acre section of land in central Lanai, Luahiwa is one of Hawai’s most significant Kiipohaku, or petroglyph, complexes, with close to 1,000 ancient stone carvings etched into the sides of boulders scattered across the slope.

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FROM THE ARTICLE: "located about a half mile from the highway in the Palawai hinterlands is a small hill which is covered in petroglyphs. The Luahiwa petroglyphs are similar to those found elsewhere on Lanai - such as those at Kaiolohia and Kaunolu - they are special because of their proximity to town (about 10 minutes from lanai City) and the huge number of drawings (nearly 1,000).

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