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About the Kauai Shores Hotel

An introduction with facts and general information about the Kauai Shores Hotel on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii.

NAME: Kauai Shores Hotel
FORMERLY KNOWN AS: Kauai Sands Hotel | Profile |
BUILT: 1972 (renovated in 2012 and 2017)
RENAMED: Kauai Sands became Kauai Shored in July of 2014
PROPERTY SIZE: 6 or 8 acres (sources differ)
WEB SITE URL: kauaishoreshotel.com | Link |
FORMER WEB SITE URL: kauaisandshotel.com (offline) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |
ADDRESS: 420 Papaloa Road
LOCATION: Kapaa, East Kauai Island, Hawaii
- situated on a white sand beach adjacent to the Coconut Marketplace.
- formerly part of the Sand and Sea Hotel Chain that also included the Hilo Seaside, Kona Seaside and Maui Seaside hotels.

On-Site Dining:
Lava Lava Beach Club |
kauaishoreshotel.com --> dining |

Amenities and Facilities
- 2 outdoor swimming pools and a hot tub
- beachfront restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner

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Aqua Hospitality took over management of the hotel in 2012.

2013 June:
royalcoconutcoast.com --> june 2013 article
"Aqua Hospitality’s Lite Hotels continue to energize Hawaii’s budget-travel market with recent enhancements to Kauai Sands Hotel."

June 2014:
travelagentcentral.com --> june 2004 article
"Currently undergoing a $10 million renovation, Kauai Sands Hotel will be reintroduced this July as Kauai Shores, an Aqua Hotel. The upgraded property will be part of the Aqua Hotels and Resorts brand."

June 2014:
lodgingmagazine.com --> june 2004 article
"Currently undergoing a $10 million renovation, Kauai Sands Hotel will be reintroduced this July as Kauai Shores, an Aqua hotel. The reinvigorated property will be part of the Aqua Hotels & Resorts brand"

July 2014
The former Kauai Sands Hotel was renamed and rebranded as the Kauai Shores Hotel.

August 2014:
travelagewest.com --> august 2014 article
"Aqua Hotels and Resorts invested $10 million to upgrade the former Kauai Sands Hotel, a two-story, low-rise property with 200 guestrooms and a pair of outdoor swimming pools. With the renovation, the property was elevated from Aqua Hospitality’s LITE brand to its boutique brand."

2023 January
myinspiredesign.com --> january 2023 article
"Kauai Shores, an Aqua Hotel, has completed an extensive renovation project with the opening of its newly built lobby and oceanfront restaurant, the Lava Lava Beach Club. This is the crowning glory to what has been a year-long project to transform Kauai Shores. The Lava Lava Beach Club is a 250-seat open-air restaurant and bar with couches and fire pits, serving meals from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., with daily live music and hula dancing. This is the second Lava Lava Beach Club in Hawaii and a first for Kauai."

Brochure: - 2005 archive of Kauai Sands Hotel brochure

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