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About Hawaiian Paradise Park Town

An introduction with general information, visitor resources and facts about the community of Hawaiian Paradise Park on the Big Island of Hawaii.

COMMUNITY NAME: Hawaiian Paradise Park
ALSO KNOWN AS: Paradise Park (and) HPP
STATUS: census designated place
PHYSICAL SIZE: 15.67 square miles
POPULATION: 14,957 (as of 2020 census)
ELEVATION: 140 feet above sea level
ZIP CODE: 96749
SITUATED: on the coast north of Hawaiian Beaches
DISTRICT: Puna District
ISLAND AND REGION: East Hawaii Island
COUNTY: Hawaii County

ENTITY: Hawaiian Paradise Park Owners Association
WEB SITE URL: hppoa.net | Link |
ABOUT: hppoa.net --> history of hpp | Link |
Q&A: hppoa.net --> faq | Link |

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