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January Festivals in Hawaii

Information about Hawaii festivals typically or often held in the month of January.

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- Aloha State Square and Round Dance Festival
- Cherry Blossom Festival (Oahu) 2009 was 57th
- Chinese Narcissus Festival
- Chinese New Year Festival
- Chinese New Year Festival
- Hatsumode (Oahu)
- Iolani Luahine Festival (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Island)
- Iolani Luahine Hula Festival,
- Ipu Cultural Festival
- Ipu Cultural Festival (Hawaii Island)
- JCCH New Year's Ohana Festival (Oahu)
- Lion Dance Processions (several islands)
- Maui Film Festival
- Maui Film Festival First Lights
- Maui Tango Festival
- Moanikeala Hula Festival
- Moanikeala Hula Festival (Oahu)
- Molokai Makahiki Festival
- Molokai Makahiki Festival
- Narcissus Festival (Oahu)
- New Year Mochitsuki Festival (Oahu)
- New Year's Mochitsuki Festival
- New Year's Ohana Festival
- Square and Round Dance Festival (Oahu)

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