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"I" Events in Hawaii

Information about Hawaii events that have names beginning with the letter "I".

I Love Kailua Town Party | Oahu Island | lkoc.org --> town party |
Independence Day in Hawaii (Holiday) | Profile |
Independence Day on the Big Island | Hawaii Island | Profile |

Ironman 70.3 Hawaii | Hawaii Island | Profile |
Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii | Hawaii Island | Profile |
Ironman World Championships | Hawaii Island | Profile |
Ironman World Championships Men | Hawaii Island | Profile |
Ironman World Championships Women | Hawaii Island | Profile |

More Hawaii Island Events

EVENT: Iolani Luahine Hula Festival
LOCATION: Hawaii Island, Hawaii
WEB SITE URL: olaniluahinefestival.org (offline) | 2019 archive |

More Oahu Island Events

EVENT: Iolani Palace Kamaaina Sundays
FREQUENCY: once a month
NOTE: started up again in 2023 after 3 year hiatus
FEATURES: entertainment, activities, tours
NOTE: tour is free for Hawaii residents on Kamaaina Sundays
WEB SITE URL: iolanipalace.org --> visit --> kamaaina-sundays | Link |
VENUE: Iolani Palace
ADDRESS: 364 South King Street
LOCATION: Downtown Honolulu, South Oahu Island

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Note that Hawaii's entities can change or even disappear over time. When you are planning a visit we recommend contacting entities directly to confirm the details you care about.