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December Hawaii Events by Name

Information about December events in Hawaii organized by name.

Hawaii Events Typically Held in December

EVENT: Billabong Pipeline Masters
PART OF: Van's Triple Crown of Surfing
LOCATION: Northshore of Oahu Island
WEB SITE URL vanstriplecrownofsurfing.com | Link

EVENT: Christmas in Hawaii
DATE: December 25th
LOCATION: all islands
NOTE: State of Hawaii holiday observed on December 25th

EVENT: Honolulu City Lights
WEB SITE URL honolulucitylights.org | Link
LOCATION: Honolulu, Oahu Island
NOTE: City and County of Honolulu holiday season opener

EVENT: Honolulu Marathon
WEB SITE URL honolulumarathon.org | Link
LOCATION: Oahu Island

EVENT: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
DATE: December 7th
LOCATION: Oahu Island and all islands
- nps.gov --> national pearl harbor remembrance-day
- wikipedia.org--> national pearl harbor remembrance-day

EVENT: Van's Triple Crown of Surfing
HELD: November or December
LOCATION: Oahu Island
WEB SITE URL vanstriplecrownofsurfing.com | Link

- B -
Billabong Pipeline Masters (Nov or Dec) | Oahu |
- C -
Christmas Day (Dec 25) | all islands |
- E -
Eddie Big Wave Surf Contest Holding Period (Dec 14-Mar 14) | Oahu | Link |
- H -
Hawaii Bowl Football Game (Dec) | Oahu | Link |
Honolulu City Lights (Dec) | Oahu | Link |
Honolulu Marathon | Oahu | Link |
- K -
Kauai Festival of Lights (Dec) | Kauai | Link
Kona Surf Film Festival (Dec) Big Island | Link
- P -
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (Dec 7) | all islands |
- V -
Van's Triple Crown of Surfing (Nov or Dec) | Oahu | Link
- W -
Whale Season in Hawaii | December through May | all islands | Profile |

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Note that Hawaii's entities can change or even disappear over time. When you are planning a visit we recommend contacting entities directly to confirm the details you care about.