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Maui Island Luau

Information about Maui Island luau feasts with live entertainment.

Maui Island

NAME: Feast at Lele
FIRST HELD: April of 1999
DESCRIPTION: fine dining luau (5 course table service dinner, show, open bar)
PRODUCER: Old Lahaina Luau Team
ADDRESS: 505 Front Street (former Lahaina Luau location)
LOCATION: Lahaina, West Maui Island, Hawaii
WEB SITE URL: feastatlele.com | Link |
SOCIAL MEDIA: | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |

NAME: Old Lahaina Luau
DESCRIPTION: traditional luau (buffet dinner, show, mai tai on arrival)
OPERATOR: Hoaloha Na Eha
ADDRESS: 1251 Front Street
LOCATION: Lahaina, West Maui Island, Hawaii
FORMER LOCATION: 505 Front Street in Lahaina (moved in May of 1998)
WEB SITE URL: oldlahainaluau.com | Link |
HISTORY: oldlahainaluau.com --> history | Link |
SOCIAL MEDIA: | Facebook | FB Events | Instagram |

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