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2022 Hale Aina Dining Awards

Information about the 2022 Hale Aina dining awards presented by Honolulu Magazine.

AWARD AND YEAR: 2022 Hale Aina Awards
AWARD CEREMONY VENUE: Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Hoʻokupu Center.


AWARD: Restaurateurs of the Year
- Olay Somsanith and Macy Khounkeo
- Olay’s Thai-Lao Cuisine

AWARD: Best New Restaurant
GOLD: Nature Waikiki
SILVER: Bar Maze
BRONZE: Queensbreak

AWARD: Best O‘ahu
GOLD: Merriman’s Honolulu
SILVER: Mad Bene
BRONZE: Miro Kaimuki
FINALIST: Pai Honolulu

AWARD: Best Maui
GOLD: Lahaina Grill
SILVER: Merriman’s Kapalua
BRONZE: Mama’s Fish House
FINALIST: Monkeypod Kitchen, Ka‘anapali

AWARD: Best Hawai‘i Island
GOLD: Merriman’s Waimea
SILVER: Kuhio Grille
BRONZE: CanoeHouse
FINALIST: Moon & Turtle

AWARD: Best Kaua‘i
GOLD: The Beach House
SILVER: Hualani’s Restaurant
BRONZE: Tidepools

AWARD: Best Service
GOLD: Lahaina Grill
SILVER: Merriman’s
BRONZE: Pai Honolulu
FINALIST: Miro Kaimuki

AWARD: Best Brunch
GOLD: Café Kaila
SILVER: Koko Head Café
BRONZE: Egg Head Café

AWARD: Best Hotel Brunch
GOLD: Orchids
SILVER: Hoku’s
BRONZE: Hau Tree FINALIST — 100 Sails Restaurant & Bar

Best Cocktail Program
GOLD: Bar Leather Apron
SILVER: Nature Waikiki
BRONZE: Merriman’s
FINALIST: Monkeypod Kitchen

AWARD: Best Wine Program
GOLD: Merriman’s
SILVER: Pai Honolulu
BRONZE: Stripsteak Waikiki
FINALIST: Amuse Wine Bar

AWARD: Best Brew Pub
GOLD: Waikiki Brewing Co.
SILVER: Maui Brewing Co.
BRONZE: Hana Koa Brewing Co.
FINALIST: Aloha Beer Co.

AWARD: Best Bar Food
GOLD: Osoyami Bar & Grill
SILVER: Side Street Inn
BRONZE: Monkeypod Kitchen
FINALIST: Waikiki Brewing Co.

AWARD: Best Tasting Menu
GOLD: Miro Kaimuki
SILVER: Pai Honolulu
BRONZE: Merriman’s

AWARD: Most Romantic
GOLD: Michel’s at the Colony Surf
SILVER: Merriman’s
BRONZE: Mama’s Fish House
FINALIST: 53 By The Sea

AWARD: Best Restaurant That Caters
GOLD: Chef Chai
SILVER: Tanioka’s Seafoods & Catering
BRONZE: The Pig & The Lady
FINALIST: Side Street Inn

AWARD: Best Vegetarian
GOLD: Tane Vegan Izakaya
SILVER: Moku Roots
BRONZE: Peace Café
FINALIST: Pai Honolulu

AWARD: Best Steak
GOLD: Hy’s Steak House
SILVER: Ruth’s Chris Steak House
BRONZE: Stripsteak Waikiki
FINALIST: The Signature Prime Steak and Seafood

AWARD: Best Seafood
GOLD: Mama’s Fish House
SILVER: Uncle’s Fish Market & Grill
BRONZE: Nico’s Pier 38
FINALIST: Herringbone Waikiki

AWARD: Best Dessert
GOLD: MW Restaurant
BRONZE: Pai Honolulu
FINALIST: Liliha Bakery

AWARD: Best Hot Pot
GOLD: Ichiriki
SILVER: Nabeya Maido
BRONZE: Hot Pot Heaven

AWARD: Best Dim Sum
GOLD: Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
SILVER: Yung Yee Kee Dim Sum
BRONZE: Tim Ho Wan
FINALIST: Legend Seafood Restaurant

AWARD: Best Chinese
GOLD: Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
SILVER: Little Village Noodle House
BRONZE: Happy Days
FINALIST: Fook Lam Restaurant

AWARD: Best Hawaiian
GOLD: Helena’s Hawaiian Food
SILVER: Highway Inn
BRONZE: Young’s Fish Market
FINALIST: Waiahole Poi Factory

AWARD: Best Italian
GOLD: Arancino at The Kahala
SILVER: Mad Bene
BRONZE: Assaggio

AWARD: Best Izakaya
GOLD: Izakaya Torae Torae
SILVER: Izakaya Naru
BRONZE: Izakaya Nonbei
FINALIST: Sushi Izakaya Gaku

AWARD: Best Sushi
GOLD: Yanagi Sushi
SILVER: Sushi Sho
BRONZE: Katsumidori Sushi Tokyo
FINALIST: Mitch’s Sushi

AWARD: Best Japanese Noodles (Ramen, Udon, Soba)
GOLD: Noods Ramen Bar
SILVER: Goma Tei
BRONZE: I-naba
FINALIST: Star Noodle

AWARD: Best Overall Japanese
GOLD: Ginza Sushi
SILVER: Gyotaku
BRONZE: Restaurant Suntory

AWARD: Best Thai
GOLD: Maile’s Thai Bistro
SILVER: Noi Thai Cuisine
BRONZE: Olay’s Thai-Lao Cuisine
FINALIST: Bangkok Chef

AWARD: Best Mediterranean
GOLD: Istanbul Hawai‘i
SILVER: Olive Tree Café
BRONZE: Shaloha Pita
FINALIST: Yamas Mediterranean Cuisine

AWARD: Best Indian
GOLD: Café Maharani
SILVER: Himalayan Kitchen
BRONZE: Kamana Kitchen
FINALIST: Spice Up House of Indian Cuisine

AWARD: Best Korean Barbecue
GOLD: Gen Korean BBQ House
SILVER: Million Restaurant
BRONZE: Yakiniku Korea House
FINALIST: Sikdorak

AWARD: Best Overall Korean
GOLD: O’Kim’s Korean Kitchen
SILVER: Sorabol
BRONZE: Choi’s Garden
FINALIST: Million Restaurant

AWARD: Best Vietnamese
GOLD: The Pig & The Lady
SILVER: Hale Vietnam
BRONZE: Pho Saigon

AWARD: Best Mexican
GOLD: Taqueria El Ranchero
SILVER: Serg’s Mexican Kitchen
BRONZE: Los Chaparros Mexican Restaurant
FINALIST: Alejandro’s Tacos

AWARD: Best Filipino
GOLD: Elena’s
SILVER: Max’s Restaurant
BRONZE: Julie’Z Restaurant
FINALIST: Thelma’s Filipino Restaurant

AWARD: Best Outdoor Dining
GOLD: Merriman’s
SILVER: Hau Tree
BRONZE: Queensbreak
FINALIST: Plumeria Beach House

AWARD: Best Takeout: Affordable
GOLD: Kuhio Grille
SILVER: Zippy’s
BRONZE: ‘Ili‘ili Cash & Carry
FINALIST: L & L Hawaiian Barbecue

AWARD: Best Takeout: High End
GOLD: Merriman’s
SILVER: MW Restaurant
FINALIST: Pai Honolulu

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