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Volcanoes on Hawaii Island

Information about volcanoes on the island of Molokai in Hawaii.

NAME: East Molkai Volcano
STATUS: Extinct
LOCATION: east side of Molokai Island, Hawaii
FROM THE USGS: "extinct volcano with lavas erupted during the shield (1.5 million years old) postshield (1.5-1.35 million years old), and rejuvenated stages (570,000 to 350,000 years old). Its summit caldera was bisected by an enormous landslide, named Wailau, that slid to the north and deposited half-mile-sized blocks on the sea floor as far as 100 miles north of the island. The landslide apparently occurred during the late part of the shield stage; the steep northern cliff marks its headwall. The sea cliff on the north side of the volcano exposes about 4,000 feet of stratigraphic section, including lavas erupted during the shield and postshield stages. The rejuvenated stage is represented only by the lavas that formed the Kalaupapa Peninsula.">
usgs.gov --> volcano watch: maui nui

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