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Volcanoes on Hawaii Island

Information about volcanoes on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

NAME: Haleakala Volcano
STATUS: considered dormant but technicallly still active
WITHIN: Haleakala National Park
LOCATION: Upcountry Maui Island, Hawaii
FROM THE USGS: "The youngest of the volcanoes that made up Maui Nui is Haleakala. An active volcano in its rejuvenated stage, it last erupted about 1790 and has a poorly-established eruptive recurrence interval of several hundred years. Three fissure, or rift, zones extend to the northwest, east, and southwest. A large summit depression, originally interpreted as a caldera and later as an erosional feature, may have been formed from the coalescence of the headwalls of two landslides to the north and south of the summit. The volcano consists of shield-stage lava (1.1 million to 900,000 years old), postshield-stage lava (860,000 to 410,000 years old), and rejuvenated stage lava (younger than 400,000 years old). Haleakala is unique in that rejuvenated-stage vents are aligned along the rift zones. Haleakala is a potentially dangerous volcano that is likely to erupt again within the next several hundred years."
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NAME: West Maui Volcano
STATUS: Extinct
LOCATION: west side of Maui Island, Hawaii
FROM THE USGS: "extinct volcano with lavas erupted during the shield (1.9 million years old) and postshield (1.8-1.75 million years old) stages, has no exposed caldera complex. A series of normal faults that step down to the east is located on the east flank of the volcano. These faults probably mark the headwall of a landslide that down-dropped the summit and eastern half of the volcano towards the east. Such a landslide presumably occurred before East Moloka'i Volcano had grown and buttressed the eastern flank of West Moloka'i Volcano."
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