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Hawaii Skatepark Directories

Where to find Hawaii skatepark directories on the Internet.

Concrete Disciples:
concretedisciples.com --> skatepark directory --> usa -->hawaii

Do It In Hawaii: - doitinhawaii.com --> attractions --> by type --> skateparks --> by island
- doitinhawaii.com --> attractions --> by type --> skateparks --> by name

Go Skate Dot Com
goskate.com --> skateparks --> category --> hawaii

Northwest Skater Dot Com (Dan's Skate Page)
Hawaii Island - Kapaau: Kapaau Skatepark
Oahu Island - Haleiwa: Banzai Skatepark
Oahu Island - Honolulu: Aala Skatepark
Oahu Island - Honolulu: Kamiloiki Skatepark
Oahu Island - Honolulu: Makiki Skatepark
Oahu Island - Kailua: Keolu Skatepark
Oahu Island - Kaneohe: Kaneohe Skatepark
Oahu Island - Kapolei: Kapolei Skateparkv
Oahu Island - Mililani:
Mililani Skatepark
Oahu Island - Pearl City: Manana Skatepark

Skate Hawaii Dot Org
skatehawaii.org --> skateparks

Skate The States Dot Com:
skatethestates.com --> best-= skateparks on oahu
- Kapolei Skatepark
- Banzai Rock Skatepark
- Kamiloiki Skatepark
- Pearl City Manana Skatepark
- Makiki Skatepark
- Mililani Skatepark

Skateboard Dot Com Dot AU:
blog.skateboard.com.au --> hawaii skateparks

xtraactionsports Dot Com:
xtraactionsports.com --> skateparks --> hawaii skateparks

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Note that Hawaii's entities can change or even disappear over time. When you are planning a visit we recommend contacting entities directly to confirm the details you care about.