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About the Pai Ani Mai Skatepark

An introduction with general information and facts about the Pai Ani Mai Skatepark in Hawaii.

NAME: Pai Ani Mai Skatepark
ALSO KNOWN AS: Hana Skate Park
BUILT: 2012 (by GrindLine)
SIZE: 8,000 square feet
ALSO KNOWN AS: Hana Skate Park
SOCIAL MEDIA: | Instagram |
WITHIN: Pai Ani Mai Park
ADDRESS: 4800 Hana Highway
LOCATION: Hana, East Maui, Hawaii
Maui Now "Blessing of the New Hana Skatepark" 2012 Article
Uploaded to YouTube in 2012 by jase
OTHER RESOURCES: | grindline.com | blog.skateboard.com.au | kullencoble.com |

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