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Independent Movie Theaters in Hawaii

Information about independent movie theaters in Hawaii.

Oahu Island

NAME: Laie Palms Cinemas (2009-2020)
FORMERLY KNOWN AS: Wallace Laie Cinemas (and before that Holiday Theaters Laie?)
NUMBER OF SCREENS: 2 (originally only 1 screen)
FIRST OPENED: by Wallace Theaters (year to be added)
SECOND OPENING: June 27, 2009
SECOND CLOSURE: March of 2020
FORMER WEB SITE URL: laiepalmscinemas.com (offline) | 2019 archive |
WITHIN: Laie Shopping Center
ADDRESS: 55-510 Kamehameha Highway
LOCATION: Laie, Northwest Oahu Island, Hawaii
- operator Wallace Theaters closed it in 2008
- bough by Don and Alicen Nielsen in 2009
- renovated, renamed and re-opened by new owners on June 27, 2009
- closed in March of 2020
- visitlaie.com --> laie palms cinemas
- cinematreasures.org --> theaters --> 13232

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