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About the Ahukini State Recreational Pier

An introduction with general information and facts about the Ahukini State Recreational Pier in Hawaii.

ENTITY: Ahukini State Recreational Pier
WEB SITE URL: dlnr.hawaii.gov --> parks --> kauai --> ahukini srp | Link |
STATE OF HAWAII DESCRIPTION: "Ahukini Pier is situated at mouth of the Hanamaulu Stream. It consists of a cement pier with a wooden walkway located where the stream meets the Pacific Ocean. Ahukini Pier is an excellent place for pole fishing and crab netting. The site also offers opportunities for viewing the scenery of Hanamaulu Bay. Hanamaulu Bay is a State Fishery Management Area (FMA) and therefore s trict regulations on spear fishing and net fishing apply to the area."
ADDRESS: 3651 Ahukini Road
LOCATION: Lihue, Southeast Kauai Island, Hawaii

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