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Martial Arts in Hawaii

Information about martial arts in Hawaii.

Aikido in Hawaii

Boxing in Hawaii

Capoeira in Hawaii

Fencing in Hawaii

Judo in Hawaii
Jujitsu in Hawaii

Kapu Kuialua (aka Lua) in Hawaii
Karate in Hawaii
Kendo in Hawaii
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Taekwondo in Hawaii
Tai Chi in Hawaii

Wrestling in Hawaii
Wushu in Hawaii

Honolulu Resources To Be Checked

Au's Shaolin Arts Society | 1149 Bethel St., #511, Honolulu,
Bruce's first school of Shotofu | 1750 Kalakaua ave, 4000, Honolulu
Burton Richardson's | 4348 Waialae Ave # 128, Honolulu
Family Martial Arts Center | 2184 North King Street, Honolulu
FSKD Hawaii | Manoa Valley District Park, 2721 Kaaipu Ave, Honolulu
Gee Yung Intl Martial Arts | 1024 Smith St, Honolulu
Grandmaster Hee IL Cho | 7192 Kalanianaole Hwy #C200, Honolulu
Grappling Unlimited | 2851 E Manoa Rd, Suite 2-100, Honolulu
Hawaii Sin Moo Hapkido Assn | PO Box 11959, Honolulu
Honolulu Ki Society | 2003 Nuuanu Ave, Honolulu
Honolulu Tang Soo Do at Alive Ballet Center | 930 McCully St, 205A, Honolulu
Jeet Kune DO Training Center | Honolulu, South Oahu Island, Hawaii
Jeet Kune DO Training System | 1270 Queen Emma St #305, Honolulu
JIKC Hickam Dojo | 250 Aupaka Street, Honolulu
Kempo Unlimited Hawaii | Honolulu, South Oahu Island
Kendo Music-Taiko Center | 758 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu
Kong's Siu Lum Pai Kung Fu | PO Box 17908, Honolulu
SKIF Hawaii Salt Lake | 3300 Ala Laulani Street, Honolulu
Yu Martial Art | Upstairs In Puck's Alley, 2600 S King St, 202, Honolulu

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Note that Hawaii's entities can change or even disappear over time. When you are planning a visit we recommend contacting entities directly to confirm the details you care about.