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Thailand Dragon Boating Resources

Information about dragon boating in Thailand.

ENTITY: Rowing and Canoeing Association of Thailand
WEB SITE URL: rcat.or.th | Link |
SOCIAL MEDIA: | Facebook | YouTube |
MEMBER OF: International Dragon Boat Federation | dragonboat.sport --> members |


DATE: 2023 August 7-13
EVENT: 16th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships
VENUE: Royal Thai Navy Rowing and Canoeing Training Center (RCTC)
- dragonboat.sport --> 16th worlds to be held in pattaya thailand
- IDBF Bulletin #4 (pdf)

DATE: 2019 August 20-25
EVENT: 14th IDBF World Nations Championships
WEB SITE URL: dragonboat2019.rcat.or.th (offline)
LOCATION: Pattaya-Rayong, Thailand
facebook.com --> dragon boat 2019 TH

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